Mirror Monitor (for Windows)

Mirror Monitor is a freeware program for Windows that watches over your primary host download service, automatically switching it to a fallback download service while the primary download service isn't available.  

The program's main screen explains how the program works:

To make use of Mirror Monitor you will need

1. An understanding of how redirects within .htaccess files work ( click here for more info )

2. A .htaccess file which redirects your downloads to your primary download service ( such as www.swmirror.com )

3. A .htaccess file which redirects your downloads to a fallback download service (or perhaps just a directory on your website host service if that is what  you would like to use as your fallback service)

4. A downloaded copy of a file (the smaller the better) hosted on your primary download service

5. An ftp account which provides upload and download access to your website's directory in which your .htaccess file is stored

6. An e-mail account (assuming you would like to use Mirror Monitor's email notification feature)

To configure Mirror Monitor:

1. FTP Setup: From the Mirror Monitor Main window click Settings - FTP Setup, and enter your ftp info:


Once done, click the 'Upload Confirmation File' button, which will upload the file
to the same directory on your host service as your .htaccess file.

This should be left on your web site's host as it will periodically be used by Mirror Monitor to confirm the ongoing availability of your web site.

2. Email Setup:
From the Mirror Monitor Main window click Settings - Email Setup, and enter your e-mail info:


For more information on how to configure this window, please refer to similar setup info for CallClerk's E-mail setup.

Once done, click the test button to ensure email is working fine.  

You can toggle Email notification on and off from the Main window.   When Email notification is on Mirror Monitor will notify you when the status of your site or your mirror's availability changes, as well as the actions Mirror Monitor takes in response to those changes.

3.  Main Window setup and usage:
The setup for the Main window (show above) should be fairly self explanatory.

Of note, when Mirror Monitoring starts it will validate the existence of the PC files that you identify.   If one or more of them can not be found monitoring will be disabled.

On the menu bar you can click on:                
  'File' - 'View Log', to view your Mirror Monitor log
   'File' - 'Exit', to completely stop the program
  'Settings' - 'Double check your site and/or your mirror are down using www.isup.me' to toggle on or off this option.
If this option is checked then when Mirror Monitor cannot access either your site or your mirror (using your internet connection) but it can access www.isup.me, it will use isup.me to confirm if access to either your site or your mirror is completely down or not.  Also, if you have this option checked, Mirror Monitor will not automatically upload your fallback .htaccess file unless www.isup.me reports your mirror is completely down.
   'Settings' - 'Start Mirror Monitor when you log on to Windows', to start Mirror Monitor when you log on to Windows
   'Settings' - 'Start Minimized', to start the program without showing the main window at start-up; access to program is through its systray icon
   'Settings' - 'Clear Log', to clear you log
   'About' - 'Website / Setup Instructions' to access this web page
   'About' - 'Donate' to make a donation via PayPal
In the Main Window status bar you can click on:
  'Monitoring: On' / 'Monitoring: Off' to toggle monitoring on and off
  The countdown clock (which shows the time until the next monitoring check) to run an immediate monitoring check
   'Logging: On' / 'Logging: Off' to toggle logging of Mirror Monitor events and results
  The status of your .htaccess file, to manually upload your primary or fallback .htaccess files, or to reconfirm its status

The 'OK' button save whatever changes you may have applied and minimizes the main window.

Other notes:

While running the Mirror Monitor icon will be shown in you systray.  Clicking on the mirror monitor systray icon will cause the Main window to open up.   

Here is a sample redirect in a primary .htaccess file:

        redirect permanent /MirrorMonitor.exe http://roblatour.swmirror.com/mmsetup.exe

Here is a sample redirect in a fallback .htaccess file:

        redirect permanent /MirrorMonitor.exe http://www.mirror-monitor/release/mmsetup.exe

   Version 1.4 (released Jan 2, 2017)
 Download Mirror Monitor


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